In the heart of a charming neighborhood, nestled a few streets away from the bustling tourist activity, lies a special place called Po’ Dumpling.

This branding project holds a deeply personal significance for us, as it’s a labor of love crafted in collaboration with our dearest friend, Po. With his endearing resemblance to Po from Kung Fu Panda – big, clumsy, and full of humor – he is a true culinary artist, hailing from Italy a land known for its gastronomic delights. Po’s family has owned a Cantonese restaurant in Italy for over four decades passing down their culinary legacy through generations.

The inspiration for Po’ Dumpling arose during a memorable NYE dinner at Po’s house, where the flavors of his cooking left our taste buds in awe. In that moment, a brilliant idea dawned upon us – “Why not share this incredible food with the world? Let’s open your very own restaurant!”

Thus, the journey of Po’ Dumpling began. We poured our hearts into crafting the visual identity and creative direction, aiming to infuse the essence of a classic, homey restaurant while keeping it fresh and inviting. The logo, with an organic touch, represents the warmth and comfort we feel when dining at Po’s. The color palette we chose, ranging from light to dark shades of green, evokes a sense of warmth and comfort reminiscent of a cozy home. We aimed to create a visual language that exudes a fresh and positive attitude, one that can gracefully evolve with the passage of time, while still retaining Po’ Dumpling’s unmistakable essence.

As we pour our hearts into this project, we are thrilled to see Po’ Dumpling bloom into a sanctuary of culinary wonders, an oasis where flavors dance and friendships flourish. A tribute to our dear friend and the cherished memories we’ve shared, Po’ Dumpling is a testament to the power of dreams and the joy that comes from turning them into reality.

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